The Case of "Fluffy the Cat"
Case Page 6

The following day the client calls and reports that her cat is feeling much better. Fluffy came out of the closet to greet a visitor and she seemed much calmer. She still has not eaten but there were two episodes of diarrhea without vomiting. In fact, there has been no vomiting at all!  Fluffy allowed herself to be petted and brushed and slept on the bed last night and not in the closet.

We decide that the remedy appears to be helping and (even though she has not yet started to eat) we want to wait and watch for another day. On day two post-remedy, Fluffy started to eat again and was almost back to her normal self but the diarrhea had been more frequent and little blood was seen at the end of two movements. This concerned her mom since it was something Fluffy had been "treated" for (by conventional medication) in the past - she did not panic (since a little blood in cats and dogs is NOT unusual, and wisely decided, since Fluffy was feeling better on many levels, to be patient after calling and checking with her homeopath. This is, sometimes, the hardest thing to do, to not freak out and interfere with an important, healing step.

Since Fluffy is feeling better, eating some and there is a general improvement on both the physical (she has not vomited, is more active and is eating) and emotional level (not hiding, more social and less restless) we decide that the slight increase in the diarrhea and the return of an older symptom picture was encouraging (as long as it does not bother her or persist)and her improved emotional state suggests we continue to wait and watch.



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