The Case of "Fluffy the Cat"
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I digressed to show you how the process of repertorization is a dynamic one and your knowledge of the remedies themselves is so very important. Repertory analysis is only a jumping off point. It is the Materia Medica and the study of the nuances of the remedies that shines the true light on the appropriate remedy for that patient's state.

Back on track, we decide that the Arsenicum fits the picture of case most closely and administer one dose of Arsenicum. The potency we use would be determined by our evaluation of the patient's Vital Force and other factors and that is a much deeper subject and not important to this example.

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Materia Medica: A collection of findings from the provings, compiled into sections and giving the manifestations of the remedy. Remedies in some Materia Medicas can be 200 pages long! There are some books that are like the Cliff Notes of remedies and some that tell the whole tale. The most accurate way to study a remedy is to go back to the original notes from the provings and read the reports first hand. Symptoms from the Materia Medicas have been grouped together into Repertories (the first were by Boenninghausen and later by Kent).

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