The Case of "Fluffy the Cat"
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Rubric Hint

Note *The ALLCAPS, Bold, italics and underline indicate symptom frequency in the Provings

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What do we mean by a proving? A controlled group of healthy people take the remedy until they begin to show effects (symptoms). These are recorded by supervisors and collated into a report of a proving of that remedy. There is a very strict protocol to this experiment. Once a remedy has been proved i.e. the effects of that remedy on the body are known and repeatable then it is acceptable to use that remedy in homeopathic therapy. Some remedies have been proved extensively and repeatedly while there are some (the small remedies) that have less information available. Some substances are very poisonous and most of the material we have in the literature are from the effects of poisonings with the substance rather than only the homeopathic proving. There are over 2500 proven remedies and more are being proved every year".

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2. MIND; TOUCHED; aversion of being
3. SKIN; DISCOLORATION; yellow, jaundice, icterus, etc
4. STOMACH; VOMITING; General; diarrhea
5. STOMACH; THIRST; small quantities, for; often
6.MIND; HIDE, desire to

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Aversion Touch