The Case of "Fluffy the Cat"
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The Case of "Fluffy the Cat"

In our sample case, the client calls up and you do an intake on her cat, "Fluffy". She tells you that her cat is normally happy and playful.

The cat has been hiding in the closet which is unusual since this is a cat that normally is very curious and outgoing. Fluffy also cannot seem to get comfortable. She'll come out of the closet and try to sleep on the computer monitor (desiring warmth) and then go to the litter box and have diarrhea.

Whenever she has diarrhea she also vomits up a small amount. She does not want to be held or petted and goes to the water dish for one or two laps of water and then back to the closet. She did notice that Fluffy's ears and skin have a yellowish tinge.

We go to the repertory (in this case one called the Complete 4.5 in the MacRepertory© computer program) and find the following rubrics that seem to match Fluffy at this point in time.