First.... An advertisement

We are an INDEPENDENT DISTRIBUTOR and do make a small commission on purchases of Flint River Ranch. That, in no way changes the fact that we feel it is one of the best available commercial kibble diets.

We feed it to our own pets for one meal a day and their raw food for the other meal. We do this for a few reasons; 11 dogs (even small ones) can get expensive eating just raw, the time to feed in the morning is limited and we were having dental issues (some of ours refuse bones). We have used FRR of and on for over 20 YEARS on thousands of our cases with complete satisfaction. The small additional income goes toward supporting many of the free services we try to provide both privately and on-line. These foods are more expensive than some of you your store bought foods but they have to be because of the better ingredients. We also think that baking instead of high pressure high heat cooking and extruding preserves the vitamins and nutrients. Overall, if you are feeding kibble, using Flint River helps you end up with a healthier pet, less medical bills and they seem to eat less so it comes out very close to less quality foods, cost-wise!

Rest assured that if we did not totally believe in it as one of the best kibble diets out there, we would not recommend it and if the quality ever drops or becomes questionable we WILL stop using it and recommending it.